"Digital Valuables": things you keep on your computer that you don't want to lose (e.g. pictures, documents, tax returns, music, etc.)

Why Do I Need The CopyCat™?

Let's keep it simple. You know you need to back up your computer - but statistics show that very few people actually do it. It's complicated and time-consuming, so it's not a priority - till it's too late... So we took the difficulty out of that equation and invented a very unique device that already knows what to back up and doesn't force you to learn anything new. We use the highest quality components available so it's likely to outlast your computer. When you get one, it won't end up unused and in a drawer and you'll have the satisfaction of knowing the pictures, documents, music, videos and much more on your computer are safe and sound - even when you accidentally delete something you meant to save!

Prefer to Talk to an Actual Person?

Give us a call at 557-777-9365. Or from a smartphone, click "Call Now". We will do our best to make sure you're convinced that The CopyCat™ is right for you BEFORE you place your order.