A High-Tech Product for Regular People (Who Don't Speak Geek)!

Who is it for?

We made this specifically for the crowd whose mantra is: "Really? You think I know how to back up my computer. That's cute!" But the fact is, no matter how much or little you know about computers, The CopyCat™ gives you the confidence that you won't lose your important files!

So what exactly IS this thing?

This is a device you plug into your computer that already knows what you need to back up and it knows how to do it. In plain English, that means you don't have to learn anything new to get the peace of mind knowing you won't lose your digital valuables. Why does no one else offer something like this? Because they want to sell you discount products that end up in your desk drawer, whereas WE want to sell you peace of mind in the form of a high quality product!

Why do I need The CopyCat™?

You've got stuff on your computer that could be lost through no fault of your own. You probably don't have the time or inclination to back it up so you're sure not to lose your digital vaulables. So we took the difficult part out of that task and invented something that is easy to use - even if you claim to be computer illiterate.

Prefer to Talk to an Actual Person?

Give us a call at 557-777-9365. Or from a smartphone, click "Call Now". We will do our best to make sure you're convinced that The CopyCat™ is right for you BEFORE you place your order.