Our Story

Be forewarned - we're not going to blow smoke up your dress talking about how smart and great we are - put on your seatbelt and get ready for some honesty!

A small group of us has worked together in IT services for a long time - a couple of us for more than 30 years.  So the young'ns bring innovation to the table while those of us sporting a more "salt and pepper" look have experience, and dare I say "wisdom"?

Over the years, the biggest point of pain we've seen with many of our customers is the loss of data - losing their most prized electronic possessions - and photos makes the top of THAT list.  For years we have specialized in data loss prevention and data recovery.  But we're old and getting tired so we came up with an idea.  We call it an exit strategy.  Just kidding - it's called The CopyCat™.

Why not invent something that's stupidly simple to use, that no one else makes, and that protects people against the worst possible outcome with their computer?  We can sell the heck out of it, save a whole bunch of people from some unnecessary pain, and make a boatload of money in the process.  Then the old guys can pass the torch to the young guys and go to Florida or something.  We're old enough to do that, but maybe - just maybe, we can't yet retire with the lifestyle we'd like to become accustomed to.

So we invented The CopyCat™, which we're pretty proud of, because it's exactly what computer owners need and what we'd envisioned!  Beyond the quality, the best part is when you buy one, you don't have to learn new things.  The CopyCat™ does everything you need, like a life insurance policy for all that's precious on your computer.

With these things in mind, we hope you'll tell all your friends, family members, neighbors, spiritual leaders, people at the grocery store and random strangers about our product and this website.  Pretty please!  And as long as we're asking you for something, we'd appreciate if you'd order one for yourself so that you'll have peace of mind and we will be a little closer to year-round warm weather.