About Us

We're a small group who've professionally done "computer stuff" for a long time - some of us for more than 30 years.  We added some youngsters to help us with things like social media and creating a decent website.  But here's our story.

Over the years, the biggest point of pain we've seen with many of our customers is the loss of data - losing their most prized electronic possessions - their digital valuables, and photos are at the top of THAT list.

In the past we invented, sold and installed some fancy (read as expensive) backup systems for our customers and they worked great, but we had to do endless setup and modifications for them, because backing up computers can get complicated.  It took us a while, but one day, we got hit in the head with a proverbial 2x4 - we had a bright idea: why not invent something that's insanely simple to use, that no one else makes, and that protects people against losing their digital valuables? We wanted to achieve the same thing that we had with our previous inventions, but make the installation and setup just go away and have something that right out of the box, just WORKS!

So we invented The CopyCat™, which we're pretty proud of, because it's exactly what everyone with a computer needs and no one else makes anything like it!  Whether you're an expert or a complete novice, this will get the job done, and the best part is when you buy one, you don't have to learn new things.  Add to that the fact that we use high quality components and you'll see that The CopyCat™ is what you need - it's like a life insurance policy for all that's precious on your computer.