I use the cloud so I don't need to back up, right?

In a word, wrong!

Let's start with what having a backup of your computer is.  Is it having one or more copies of what's on the computer?  Technically yes, but there's more to it.  After all, if you use cloud storage (discussed in the previous blog entry), that means there's a copy of your data (pictures, documents, etc.) on your computer and one in the cloud somewhere.  That's a backup.  So why, then, are we saying that it's not.  To answer that, we have to talk about the purpose of a backup.  From there we'll see that while it really is having one or more copies of your data, that's not the only stipulation.

The reason we back our computers up is because we don't want to be in jeopardy of losing our data.  If you're reading this, you've seen all over our website how we go on and on about how with The CopyCat™ it's the world's easiest way to back up your computer.  The reason we say that is because we know that even for those who know how to perform backups, it's a painful experience and one that most people would rather avoid.  The simple fact, though, is that whether or not you're doing it, everyone will tell you that you should.  That's because you never want to risk losing your data.

Since it's probably safe to assume we all agree that we don't want to lose our data - our pictures, documents, music and whatever else is important to us, we need not only multiple copies of these things, but some assurance that if something gets deleted in one place, it's not going to be deleted everywhere.  That last sentence was the most important component of this whole blog entry.

The beauty of cloud storage is also its potential problem.  What does that mean?  Well, when you put a picture that's on your computer into your cloud folder, if you have the cloud's app on your phone, you can see that picture on your phone.  The same applies to anything else - a song, a document, or even an entire movie.  That's the beauty part.  But the problem is that if you delete something in that folder from your phone (or any other device that contains that folder), it also deletes that file from your computer.  It keeps everything in sync.  As such, even if you have three computers, a tablet and a phone (in which case your data is in the cloud and five devices) when you delete it from one of those devices, the cloud service deletes it from all of them.  That, friends, is why cloud storage is not a backup - it's a synchronization tool, which you now understand is much different.

To briefly review, cloud storage offers a way to have your data in multiple locations, which can be very convenient, but there is no assurance that your files are safe, because if something is deleted from ANY ONE of those locations, it will be deleted in all locations.  That's why we invented the world's easiest way to back up your computer: The CopyCat™!

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